Ohio Tables and Chairs now offers colorful inflatables and bounce house rentals in the Columbus area that will provide long-lasting fun and laughter throughout the whole day! With our growing selection, finding the perfect entertainment for your event, whether its a birthday, school event, church event or many more, should be easy. All of our inflatables are durable and MADE IN AMERICA. We also offer 6 hour inflatable rentals that beat the prices of our competitor's 3 to 4 hour rentals.




Buckeye Bouncer


SUV Jumper


Castle Combo


Compact Castle Combo


34' Obstacle Course


61' Obstable Course


Bungee Joust Combo
Buckeye Bouncer

Size: 15L x 15W x 15H
Requirements: 20L x 20W x 17H
Occupancy: 8-12 Children
Price: $210.00


SUV Jumper

Size: 15L x 12W x 14H
Requirements: 20L x 17W x 16H
Occupancy: 8-10 Children
Price: $175.00


Castle Combo

Size: 27L x 13W x 15H
Requirements: 32L x 18W x 17H
Occupancy: 8-10 Children
Price: $275.00


Compact Castle Combo

Size: 15L x 18W x 14H
Requirements: 20L x 23W x 16H
Occupancy: 8-10 Children
Price: $245.00


34' Obstacle Course

Size: 34L x 10W x 8H
Requirements: 39L x 15W x 10H
Occupancy: 2 Children
Price: $235.00


61' Obstacle Course

Size: 61L x 13W x 15H
Requirements: 66L x 18W x 17H
Occupancy: 2 Children
Price: $425.00


Bungee Joust Combo

Size: 32L x 17W x 10H
Requirements: 37L x 22W x 12H
Occupancy: 2 Children
Price: $375.00





Q: Is setup and delivery included in the price?


A: Delivery and setup is included in the Columbus area. We do delivery farther out, but a delivery fee will be included to offset high gas prices.


Q: Does the inflatable need power?


A: Yes, all inflatables need countinous power. Inflatables need to be within 100ft. of a 110 volt outlet with at least a 15 amp circuit. If you are renting more than one inflatable, more outlets may be required. If your inflatable is not going to be within 100ft. of a outlet, then we do have generators that can be rented for a small fee.


Q: Are the inflatables clean?


A: Yes, all of our inflatables are cleaned and wiped down before your rental. We take pride in offering our customers clean inflatables.


Q: Are you inspected and insured?


A: Yes, we are inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture Ride and Safety Division, and are fully insured. Feel free to ask us to show you our inflatable permit at delivery. For safety reasons, be sure to ask whatever company you decide to rent from to see their permit.


Q: When will my inflatable be delivered?


A: About 2-3 days before your event we will give you a call to set up a delivery time. Delivery times are usually about 1-2 hours before your event.


Q: Can a bounce house be set up on any surface?


A: We prefer to set up on grass, but can set up on any hard surface including concrete and blacktop for a $15.00 fee, as hard sufaces require sand bags and safety mats. We do not set up on gravel or any rocks as they wear down the bottom of the inflatable.


Q: Can my inflatable be set up indoors?


A: Yes, we can set up your inflatable inside so you can enjoy them all year round and in any weather! A minimum ceiling height is required for each inflatable, so make sure to know your ceiling height before you call.


Q: How much room do I need for my inflatable?


A: Each infltatable needs room for the blower and tarp under each unit, so an extra 5 feet is needed on each side. For example, our Castle Combo, which is 27' x 15' needs a 32' x 20' space. The space above each inflatable must also be clear of obstacles such as tree branches and power lines.